Harris and Lewis trip – Beinn Dhubh circular hike

A walk up on to Beinn Dhubh was the plan for my first full day on Harris, the start of a solo journey that would last just short of a week. The week would see me walk snow–covered hills, mooch along beautiful empty beaches, track dinosaurs over sea-battered stacks, stare back at seals and squint at many a standing stone. I was making like a Salmon, visiting the place of my making. A bit of an emotional journey in itself.

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Kit Review – LifeStraw Go bottle

I was contacted a while back by the guys at WaterNlife who distribute the LifeStraw filters systems / bottles in Europe and further afield. I tested the LifeStraw Go bottle on my recent jaunt to Harris and Lewis (blog posts coming soon).

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Kit Review – Target Dry Titanium Xtreme Waterproof Fleece

I was contacted by Target Dry Just before I headed off to Harris and Lewis for a week of hills hiking and coastal walks (post coming soon). Which was really good timing, as the Target Dry Titanium Waterproof Fleece / jacket that they supplied – FOC for review – fast became a staple for the week.

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A ramble from Crowden

I had limited time this weekend so petitioned my very accommodating ‘Butterley Booters‘ mates, Jenny and Taru, to keep to maybe four hours of hiking somewhere near us. Taru’s suggestion was a really great walk from the ‘The Pennine Divide’ book that she has.

The book comes from the ‘freedom to roam‘ series from the Ramblers (said he, glancing at the cover as he types). This particular book is by Andrew Bibby. I hadn’t seen the book before and I’ve only had chance to flick through it but the introductory section is nicely written and the walks are really well described.

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Mountain Warehouse boot recycling #MWreboot

I was contacted by the folks at Mountain Warehouse HQ a week or so back about the ‘Re-boot’ charity campaign they are currently running. If you have an old pair of (serviceable) boots and want to hand them in you can get a discount on a new pair. And if you share that on social media along with your story about what those boots have seen, you have a chance of winning a free pair of boots each week.

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Hiking on the Yorkshire hills and further afield


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