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Ram tracking on March Hill

I’ve been reading up (* see some sources at the bottom of the post) on the mesolithic hunter gatherers who spent some of their time on March Hill on Marsden Moor and this weekend seemed a good time to walk back up there for a mooch about.

I wasn’t planning on doing any digging, from what I gather there was enough well-intentioned disturbance in the 20s and 30s, so much so that it made for a trickier research challenge for latter day archaeologists.  Best leave that to the professionals. I’m fascinated though by this hill that I can see from the front of our house, away in the distance . But not in a Close Encounters Of The Third Kind way, I haven’t started sculpting it in mashed potato or anything.

When you stand on March Hill and look around at what is now pretty much a 360º vista of moorland it’s compelling to imagine the valleys and ‘moors’ covered in a forest some 7000-5000 years ago, sheltering aurochs (wild cattle), boar, deer etc before it all transitioned to peat.

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Hidden Poems and Satellites – geocaching poetry

Mark Kelly:

David Coldwell has created a geocache challenge based on the poetry trail I put together a few weeks back (with the first two poems, as he says, being released into the wild). More poem-based geocache spots are going to be added soon. I’m really chuffed he’s building on the trail with a new layer of involvement.

The post title borrows from David’s of “Hidden Poems and Satellites – an Easter challenge”

Below is an extract from David’s excellent blog, The Cotton Grass Appreciation Society. I reblogged this from David’s wordpress site and it has pulled the video he features through but won’t play it, have a look on David’s site to see the full post).

Originally posted on The Cotton Grass Appreciation Society:

Poetry techno:

Marsden Poetry Trail – Heron and Small Fry are playing hide and seek. They have found new homes amongst the trees.  Exact coordinates are 53°36’08.1″N 1°56’05.0″W for Heron and 53°36’19.4″N 1°57’29.1″W for Small Fry.

For those without the aid of satellites simply follow the trail and consider your ‘roots’.

This part of the trail makes an excellent afternoon stroll with the children past the famous Standedge Tunnel. Find out more about the trail at Marsden Poetry Trail

More poems going wild soon.

And finally:

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Kit Test – technical shirt from Aldi

A short post to mention that Aldi UK are bringing in some walking gear as part of their ‘Special Buys’ programme this Thursday 17th April.

I was contacted by the Aldi PR guys and asked if I’d like to try out the Technical Shirt.

Having been out with the shirt once I can only offer a limited review – but I have to say that for the retail price (£7.99) it’s a really comfortable shirt and wicked nicely. That seems like a good price.

I like the look of the green version (I was sent the blue) so for that price I might go and buy myself a ‘spare’ one if I can get to a store on Thursday.

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Hiking on the Yorkshire hills and further afield


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