Snatching words on Marsden Moor

I set out last Saturday with friends Jenny, Karl and Taru, after the Hare surveying training, to walk the poetry trail that I put together last year. Taru and Jenny had wanted to do the ten mile circular that navigates Pule Hill, Close Moss and March Hill. The weather looked like it would be pretty good to us. Although good in Marsden is relative: ‘fresh’ or ‘blowy’ would be kind euphemisms. But as Simon Armitage says in ‘Snow’ (a great piece and a stop along the trail) : ‘We should make the most of the light”. That’s a pointer to the poet’s birthplace and conditioning right there.

The poems that we took turns reading out at each ‘waymarker’ (yes, I sprang that on them) were frequently snatched from mouth and hand. And the winds crashing against the industrial cliffs of Pule Hill quarry knocked Taru and Jenny over at one point. Then threatened to snatch at least one of the three hounds off and away into neighbouring Lancashire.

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Hare Surveying with the National Trust (@marsdenmoorNT)

I met up with a few other folk (including walking compadre, Jenny) above Marsden, early on Saturday morning. We were going to be shown how to spot for signs of the (elusive, as it happened) Mountain Hare. Signs that will help us complete an NT survey within the individual 1Km squares of Marsden Moor that we have been allocated.

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A choice of sleet or sun.. a walk around Close Moss

I had a choice this weekend: go for a long walk around the Marsden Moors on Saturday (forecast: sleet / snow and low cloud on the tops) or Sunday (forecast: sunshine). I went for Saturday, as I’m perverse like that and I fancied a bit o’ weather to get me in the zone for a trip in early February up to Crianlarich.

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Happy end of 2014..

.. and I hope you have a great start to 2015 and get out as much as you’d like and with good health and a happy heart and mind.

Cheers from Brodie and I x

Halfwayhike Hike photo Marsden GoPro photo
Christmas eve above Marsden (Shooters Nab area).. Brodie wouldn’t wear tinsel, too dignified.

Kit Review – Jack Wolfskin Ultravision Softshell

This is the last kit review for 2014 and it’s actually a ‘local’ one in that I was contacted by Outdoor World who are a Huddersfield-based outdoors retailer (they serve the whole of the UK though, via the website at Outdoor World Direct).

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Hiking on the Yorkshire hills and further afield


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