A Pendle Hill walk

Pendle Hill footpath near Barley

It feels a bit odd writing ‘Pendle Hill’, now I know (thanks Wikipedia) that Pendle is a tautological word. A mix of cumbric (Pen) and old english (Hyll), with a modern ‘Hill’ added for good measure.

‘Let’s climb Hill Hill Hill!’. Which feels incantation-like, resonating with the witchery of the early 1600s (and the sad outcomes of that).

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Snowdon In The Snow 2016 jaunt

Snowdon In The Snow hike trip Llanberis Path

Last week was that time of year again for the annual pilgrimage to Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon summit: Snowdon In The Snow. Pilgrimage? Well, the same route repeated each year, albeit with varying group composition and often with a physical / meteorological challenge to get to a snow-capped pinnacle feels like a pilgrimage to me. I’m not religious but I was praying for decent weather and the chance to see (for once) some views from the top. Hallelujah (ok, I’ll stop now) – the weather was with us and we had great views in the biting air on the summit.

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Watching out for the Short Eared Owl on Marsden Moor

Short Eared Owl on Marsden Moor

I’ve become *slightly* obsessed in the last few weeks by the notion of spotting and photographing a Short Eared Owl on Marsden Moor, in more than a blurry camera phone fashion. And I haven’t had much time for longer walks or indeed whole days away on a hike of late, so when I head out on what are essentially longer dog walks, it’s been great to have a bit of a focus.

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