Inaugural #OutdoorBloggers Weekend

A short post this time round.. low on time but high on blog write-up angst. I went along to an outdoor bloggers weekend a couple of weeks ago and had a great day of walking (up and around Kinder Scout / Downfall) and a nicely social evening, camping in Nether Booth (Edale area).There are times when I prefer to be solo out on the hills / trails but I’m gregarious at heart so when I spotted an outdoor bloggers weekend / meet-up being organised, I signed up.

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Kit Review – @Kitshack – SueMe bamboo Tee

Before I headed off to Harris and Lewis I was contacted by Anth at KitShack, who asked me if I wanted to try out one of the products from the online shop. I was after a new wicking / base layer T Shirt, so that was good timing: within a couple of days I was sent the SueMe Arctic Moss Force Of Nature bamboo Tee.

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Harris and Lewis trip – Suaineabhal and Carnais crofts

I wiped a tear away as I stood next to the cairn at the top of Suaineabhal. I could blame the wind, it was jacket-wrenching weather. And my tight chest may have been that final trudge up a snow-filled gully. But in fact, (whisper it) emotion was at play.

Suaineabhal / Suainaval is the hill that my dad recalls as a destination for walks during his time on Lewis. And the top of the 429m hill afforded me a view of the croft that newly-wed Mum and Dad had lived in many (many) years ago. The croft where twin and I were made (too much info? sorry).

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Harris and Lewis trip – Beinn Dhubh circular hike

A walk up on to Beinn Dhubh was the plan for my first full day on Harris, the start of a solo journey that would last just short of a week. The week would see me walk snow–covered hills, mooch along beautiful empty beaches, track dinosaurs over sea-battered stacks, stare back at seals and squint at many a standing stone. I was making like a Salmon, visiting the place of my making. A bit of an emotional journey in itself.

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Kit Review – LifeStraw Go bottle

I was contacted a while back by the guys at WaterNlife who distribute the LifeStraw filters systems / bottles in Europe and further afield. I tested the LifeStraw Go bottle on my recent jaunt to Harris and Lewis (blog posts coming soon).

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Hiking on the Yorkshire hills and further afield


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