Crossing The Pennines – a new Heritage Trail

I’ve been talking recently with the folks behind a great new heritage trail that’s been devised in my area (the Colne Valley in West Yorkshire). They had incorporated a couple of my photos in their social media updates (very flattering) and I got in touch to find out a bit more about what they are doing.

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Kit Review – SealSkinz Tait Beanie

As happens sometimes I was approached by a clothing manufacturer to try out some of their kit. In this case it was SealSkinz - which was pretty timely as I was planning a trip to Wales and the weather forecast was looking pretty wet. Continue reading Kit Review – SealSkinz Tait Beanie

Hiking navigation skills course – a ‘refresher’.

I’ve just completed a four-part navigation skills refresher* course organised and hosted by Mountainfeet, a great outdoors shop that’s based in Marsden, where I live. The theory being that I’d be relearning some forgotten skills. Learning afresh was more to the point, it was a great course.

The sessions (two indoors/class-based and two on the hills) were led by Keith Saunders. Keith is a retired RAF Navigator and also leads walks with Saddleworth Walking Club so he knows his stuff and is great at explaining things. Which was good, as I realised early on that I was starting from scratch!

* I was taught map and compass skills on a school trip thirty three years ago, during an outward-bounds break in Snowdonia. Starting from the baseline of having an appalling memory, thirty three years of lack of practice essentially equalled zero ability. Continue reading Hiking navigation skills course – a ‘refresher’.

Hiking on the Yorkshire hills and further afield


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