Marsden Walkers Are Welcome challenge hike

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome hike report photo

I took part in a 25 mile challenge hike to raise money for our local Walkers Are Welcome group. And it reminded me what an interesting and varied part of the world I live in. Varied, as in: not just drizzle, which it can sometimes feel like 😉

At the back end of last year I got involved in my local iteration of the national ‘Walkers Are Welcome’ initiative. The original committee had done sterling work in getting our small town / big village accredited as a WAW town but were all, for various reasons, stepping down.

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2 days on the GR221 – Mallorca’s Dry Stone Route

Tossals verds hostel GR221 Serra de Tramuntana

We had a recent holiday in lovely Mallorca and for a couple of days of that I headed into the mountains, to walk two days / two sections of the Serra de Tramuntana, along the GR221 ‘Dry Stone Route’.

It was really hot for both days. That probably sounds obvious but it was actually hotter than usual, according to a couple of folks I talked to on the trip: around 36 degrees or so on both hikes.

Pretty hard work on the long stretches above the tree line. That lone spotted vulture riding the thermals above me just added to the sense of adventure.

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