Brimham Rocks Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

Kit Review – Regatta Softshell Jacket from Outdoor Look

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by someone who had been searching for guides on how to connect and engage with bloggers (as part of the marketing mix for their business). Sara had found my digital marketing blog (my day job) and by happy coincidence she realised I was also an outdoors type – so she gave me a shout.

She was looking to connect with walkers who might want to try out both some kit ( a softshell jacket) and also the online shop and fulfillment service from her company Outdoor Look. The disclaimer part here of course is that I went through the search and browse/ selection process and had a good look around the site but the softshell was then sent out FOC to me to review and keep. Continue reading

Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

Brimham Rocks Circular along the Nidderdale Way

I went on a walk last Sunday with my ‘Butterley Booters‘ compadres which was remarkable for two reasons:

(1) Brodie came in the car with me / us on the 90 minute journey to get there. Which is a personal best for her, as her younger ‘barf zone’ limit was around 45 minutes. I’d stopped trying longer trips with her but I’m glad to say she made it there and back with her dignity (and stomach contents) intact.

(2) We started from (and ended at) Brimham Rocks. Somewhere I’ve never been. “Really? Never? Really?” Jenny and Taru both asked when they first mentioned a walk there. The Rocks are a real geological magnet for tourists and walkers alike. They had passed me by though. I’m glad to say I’ve seen them now. Continue reading

Eastergate Marsden Moors

Featured in the @FieldandTrekuk nominated Top UK Walks

Looking Over Castleshaw Reservoirs

I took part in the recent Field & Trek recommended walks feature – where they asked various UK outdoors bloggers to nominate their favourite walk / hike. Not that easy to do, as a few of us said in our responses.

There’s some great walks in there (well, all of them by the looks of it) – seventeen have been featured. Some from blogs I already read and some new ones too which is cool.

After some deliberation I went for one of the loops I like to do around the Marsden Moors. Here’s what I said: Continue reading

Hiking on the Yorkshire hills and further afield


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