Kit Review – technical shirt from Aldi

A short post to mention that Aldi UK are bringing in some walking gear as part of their ‘Special Buys’ programme this Thursday 17th April.

I was contacted by the Aldi PR guys and asked if I’d like to try out the Technical Shirt.

Having been out with the shirt once I can only offer a limited review – but I have to say that for the retail price (£7.99) it’s a really comfortable shirt and wicked nicely. That seems like a good price.

I like the look of the green version (I was sent the blue) so for that price I might go and buy myself a ‘spare’ one if I can get to a store on Thursday.

The shirt has a UPF of 30+ but it was an overcast day when I wore it so I can’t attest to the efficacy of that.
And the bamboo -derived viscose is, I believe an environmentally / sustainable material to use.

I hasten to add the photo below is not me.. I need to set up my gorilla-pod phone holder to get photos of me when I’m out on my own to show me wearing tested gear. In the meantime – this is a pack shot of a guy much younger and with hair.

Aldi Crane  Walking Hiking Technical Shirt

I’m doing quite a few long day hikes (and a multiple day trek) in the coming weeks so it’ll get field-tested a bit more then.

The thing I’m flagging here though is that Aldi do get in some great gear (I’ve shopped there on occasion) and it’s worth a  look in store on the 17th if you can (you can see what other walking kit they’ll have in via the link below).

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  1. Can concur, Aldi’s stuff is awesome. I’ve had loads of cycling things from there and it’s all very popular so I hope they can recreate this standard with their hiking stuff.

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