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Kit Review – Columbia Silver Ridge Shirt 

I’ve had a couple of trips out recently where I’ve worn a Silver Ridge shirt made by Columbia, supplied by http://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com.
This is the disclaimer part: the very friendly Marta, representing Cotswold Outdoor, got in touch with me as part of her blogger outreach work and arranged for the shirt to be sent to me.

So, what’s it like? This will be a pretty short kit review: it’s a great shirt. I’ve read lots of thoughts about Synthetic vs Merino for shirts and I guess there are pros and cons for both but this Nylon/Polyester shirt (and others I have) work for me.

Sadly I haven’t as yet been out to the Pacific Northwest to hike (where the Columbia brand comes from) but it’s proven to be a comfortable wear on my last few walks.

Columbia Silver Ridge Shirt kit review Hike
Just back from a walk (with the Silver Ridge shirt )

Technical Info:
It has venting (concealed mesh near the armpit area, as you’d expect) and from wearing it on a warm-ish day it works well. That same autumnal day involved light showers and some of the exposed shirt got wet but dried quickly.

It’s got a high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) using ‘omni-shade’ Sun Protection.. I don’t know if that’s a proprietary description or just a branded term for the inherent UPF properties of Nylon?

The shirt is nicely shaped and the couple of chest patch pockets will be handy. This particular style seems to come in one colour (looking at the website) – a dark olive (called Grill, I’m not sure why?) which I liked.

I’ve worn it by itself but also with a base layer T-shirt underneath it and the Large size I was supplied was generous enough to not feel clingy with a T-shirt under it. The collar feels a bit big but I guess that’s so you can turn it up to protect your neck from the sun (it also has an additional strip of collar to flip up for extra back of neck sun cover).

Overall: a great shirt.

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