Kit Review – TotalOxygen Softshell Jacket Lite

TotalOxygen asked me if I’d like to try their ‘Softshell Jacket Lite’, this was just before I headed off to the States. Which was great timing as I didn’t want to take any heavy outerwear but would be out and about and it could be cool in evenings at the end of a day’s outdoorsiness.

TotalOxygen describe their range as being ‘outdoor to urban crossover’.. so that would also be perfect for both the trails and the bars and cafes of Brooklyn and Boston.

The TotalOxygen softshell jacket lite worked really well for me. It was indeed lightweight (good for the suitcase). I need to check the full garment weight but the spec is 210g/m². It is breathable, windproof and has a waterproof laminate construction. The fit was great, the jacket has a slight elasticity and stretch which makes for a comfortable fit.

The Softshell Jacket Lite has a £140 price point and comes from an interesting range: crossing both the outdoors / athletics and the fashion / urban markets.

Below: me wearing the softshell in the early evening, as it was cooling down at the end of a hike in Upstate New York.

Total Oxygen Softshell Jacket

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