The Way of St Francis. Cicerone Press.

Like other bloggers, I sometimes get invited to book launches or I’m asked to review walking / hiking types of books.

Most have been totally off topic but this particular approach struck a chord. I was interested in the offer of the (free) book for Cicerone Press’ ‘The Way of St Francis” (‘Via di San Francesco’).

Why? Well, I’m not religious but pilgrimage type of trails do strike a chord for me, for some reason. Perhaps it’s the constellation of words that I associate with that: reflection, observation, fortitude, companionship, solitude (and those don’t have to be contradictory).

This new guide book is by the Reverend Sandy Brown and looked interesting.

An initial read through the introduction has borne that out. He has followed and documented the route taken by St Francis when he and his followers walked from Assisi to Rome to meet Pope Innocent III in 1209.

But Rev. Brown has also pulled in other routes and itineraries that have been created by others (including various Italian regional / tourist groups).

That includes the journeys St Francis took to Florence in the north (this book / route doesn’t start in Assisi, that’s only part of the story).

I haven’t read the book beyond the introduction (it is, after all, a detailed guide to each section of the walk, best read when you’re doing it).

But the initial introductory section set the scene evocatively.

And an Italian trek encompassing some or all of the 35-day route is now on my (ever-growing) wish list.

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