Kit Review – The no-hiking hiking kit roundup

I’ve hurt my back and that coupled with busy work life has meant no real outdoorsy-ness for a while. My lower back occasionally fubars (traced back to schoolboy rugby and then a very long tumble down an ice-field where it all went a bit somersault-y). This time it was brought on by an innocuous slip on some leaves on a steep cobbled path. Pah. … Keep reading >

Kit Review – Berghaus Teton WINDSTOPPER Softshell Jacket – #hike tested

Scores: 5 out of 5 for comfort (including great arm venting) 5 out of 5 for weight 5 out of 5 for wind protection (and rain up to heavy showers – it may be as good in wetter conditions but I didn’t experience anything more than that weather-wise) Some of the kit reviews on my blog are spontaneous as in I’ve been out and bought a … Keep reading >

Kit Review – Mountain Paws dog bowl for hikes and walking

Just a quick ‘kit test’ in that I think I’ve mentioned the water bowl I have for the dog before but I think it merits a proper mention because it’s so handy. The one we (well, Brodie Dog) uses is the Mountain Paws bowl. It’s collapsible and with two handles, I can secure it easily to my backpack. And whilst she favours stream water (or puddle water, weird dog) I always take extra fresh … Keep reading >

Kit Review – What’s under here? New Augmented Reality App for geologists and hikers

My son just put me on to a new app from the British Geological Survey – iGeology 3D. It’s only available on Android (maybe it was too onerous / time-consuming / costly to develop an iphone version? not sure.) We’re going to give it a proper test drive (walk) on Saturday – I like the idea of being able to identify what you are walking over … Keep reading >

Kit Review – Berghaus Freeflow 25 + 5 day / rucksack

Score : 5 out of 5 on features and comfort. 5 out of 5 on weight. ** [review update (May 2012) – I took the Freeflow on a 4 day trip to Rum and it carried all the stuff I needed it to. The stow / expansion side pockets were really handy and I got lots in there. Great balance with sack crossing the Cuillins.]** I already have a … Keep reading >