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I talk a lot about the tracks and trails around Marsden in my blog posts (as it’s my ‘home turf’).

But for added helpfulness, here are links to those organisations that I know of who operate in the area and produce all manner of helpful guides, maps etc. They will be of use if you are out walking or hiking in the Marsden area.

These sites are related to the outdoors, rambling / walking or history in and around Marsden and the wider moors. Apart from being a beautiful location for a hike, the Marsden area itself has a lot of history attached to it, from ancient river deltas to Roman roads, from Luddites to rare bird species.

Have I missed you off this list? Please let me know via the contact form. Thanks.

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome
Part of a wider national initiative, the Marsden WAW group was instrumental in getting some of the old pathways around the village and hills renovated.
They enhanced the experience with a collection of waymarked notes via handy little leaflets. I helped ‘test’ some of the revived paths and the accompanying leaflets. The leaflets are well worth getting hold of if you plan to visit the village. Or if you live here but don’t know the history behind some of the tracks and trails.
There is also a Marsden WAW Facebook page

National Trust Marsden Moor
I’ve been on a couple of the organised walks with these guys, always something new to learn about. You can find the office up near Marsden train station old goods yard.
– they have an active facebook page
– and lots of info on the website

Colne Valley Tree Society
– The website: I confess don’t know much about the society but I see evidence of their plantings across the valleys and hills and I’m all for it. I love the open views and vistas of the moors but there were trees on the moors millennia ago (not moors then of course) and woods in more recent times. Seeing native species being reintroduced is great. The society has been running for 50 years now and they’ve planted 1000’s of trees to date. 

They are also on facebook.

South Pennines / Watershed project
Marsden *just* sneaks into this one, at the southern end of the South Pennines area but this organisation (Pennine Prospects) has a few really interesting initiatives including the Walk And Ride festival.

Colne Valley Society
The website is down and I’m not sure it is still an active group but the CVS managed the Colne Valley Circular Walk which sort of fell into disuse I think. But (as of November 2013) looks to be getting new waymarkers (I spotted some out on a walk) so if I get a new link I’ll add it here.

Marsden History Group
Personally, I like to get a bit of context about a place if I’m going to be visiting it for any length of time. If you are the same and you’re maybe researching a trek on the Pennine Way and wonder what the history of this part of the valley (and its associated village) is: Marsden History Group website

Mesolithic Marsden

Archaeological work has identified evidence of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers on March Hill and nearby areas: flints (not found naturally in the area) and fire hearth/pits. I find this fascinating but won’t bang on about it here.

Have a look here for more info: Prehistoric People of The Pennines by Penny Spikins

Britain BC by Francis Pryor Not about Marsden per se but gives you context about what the original Marsdeners (and yep some will have been comers-in!) were up to thousands of years ago, a great read.

The Canal And River Trust – Marsden
Have a look at the page for Marden’s Standedge tunnel and canal-side area. A great area for a mooch if you have young kids or as a base to head for the hills and come back for a look about the museum exhibits and grab a nice cuppa.

Moors For The Future

As the site says, the Moors for the Future Partnership is ‘dedicated to preserving 8000 years of our moorland heritage’.

The Crossing the Pennines Heritage Trail
This trail includes a refurbished old packhorse trail in the Colne Valley and was made possible by winning a Big Lottery’s People’s Millions competition. More info here:

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