Let the dice decide – a walk around Marsden

I had a couple of hours to spare this afternoon to get out for a bit of a walk with the hound.  Actually, I never have time to spare, too many projects in the go, maybe ‘allocated’ is a better phrase. And yes I did *some* chores, although not as many as I *should* have of course.

Anyway – with a couple of hours to hit the hills, I was wondering where to go. I considered one of the Walkers Are Welcome  walks I haven’t done yet or maybe heading straight up the hill to the Heritage Trail to get some views?

The subject of how / why I choose one walk over another has been front of mind for a couple of days, as I’m taking part in a long-range survey (over August). I can’t say anything much as have been asked not to by the organisers but suffice to say that the act of being observed must have impacted my behaviour!

And impacted it to the extent that the idea of using a dice to decide where to go came to mind. Not something I’ve ever done before. I’m not sure why it popped into my head other than I was musing “head out through back of the house and up the hills, or head out the front door and towards the canal and the hills? hmm” and to let a dice decide seemed an interesting idea. I read the Dice Man years ago (now that’s a teenage thought provoker of a book ..) and I know there’s also a school of travel (and an old TV programme?) that uses dice to decide where to go next. My ambitions were less, well, ambitious. Mooch about with the dog on a 2 hour journey, with any major intersection maneuvers decided by the roll of a dice. Or the tap of my phone as it happened – there’s an App for everything!

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