Starting this blog..

I’ve agreed to do the (UK) 3 Peaks Challenge.
I want that statement to sit there for a second before I add to it. Gulp, okay on with the typing.

The 3 Peaks challenge is probably difficult enough if you are a regular mountaineer, a seasoned hiker or hills runner – but I’m none of those things.

I do take my dog, Brodie, out quite a bit into the hills and moors of my part of Yorkshire for a few hours each weekend (when I can) but that doesn’t make for a top notch mountaineer.

And I’m going to walk THREE mountains in 24 hours. That’s Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and then Snowdon. All the way up, back down .. repeat three times – all in 24 hours.
I did climb up Snowdon (the easiest route, I’m told) a few weeks ago and made it in one piece so there’s some comfort in that.

But at best I have something like the next 6 to 8 weeks to get truly mountain fit and gain a lot more stamina than I have now.

Not that writing about it will help as such but I’ll keep you updated with how it is going..

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