Marsden Walkers Are Welcome challenge hike

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome hike report photo

I took part in a 25 mile challenge hike to raise money for our local Walkers Are Welcome group. And it reminded me what an interesting and varied part of the world I live in. Varied, as in: not just drizzle, which it can sometimes feel like ūüėČ

At the back end of last year I got involved in my local iteration of the national ‚ÄėWalkers Are Welcome‚Äô initiative. The original committee had done sterling work in getting our small town / big village accredited as a WAW town but were all, for various reasons, stepping down.

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Offa’s Dyke challenge walk for The Red Cross

Offa's Dyke Clwydian Hills red Cross Hike Challenge walk

Hot on the heels of the recent Yorkshire 3 Peaks hike, I just completed the Offa‚Äôs Dyke challenge as¬†a Red Cross fund-raiser. Credit where it’s due:¬†the vast majority of the money raised in my case was actually by my walking compadres on¬†challenges like this: Taru,¬†Jenny and Karl (a.k.a “The Butterley¬†Booters’ … Keep reading >

Walking part of the Kirklees Way – training for @NSPCC North HACK challenge

Dogs Brodie and Scout on Kirklees Way

We (myself, Jenny and Taru) haven’t been able to get out that much recently to get in the zone for the looming NSPCC North HACK (Hike Against Cruelty to Kids) challenge but we nearly constituted a full team this weekend, with Taru and I hitting the rain-sodden hills. This was … Keep reading >

Walking The Kirklees Way – part of the NSPCC HACK training

Kirklees Way Huddersfield Hike

I walked a big chunk of the Kirklees Way on¬†Sunday with friends Taru¬†and Jenny. We’re jointly doing the NSPCC ‘HACK’ challenge in June and this was one of several training walks we’re doing. ¬†And this time we had Carl, an Iron Man participant, along with us. So no pressure then ūüėČ

I was going to call this post ‘Five go mad on the moors’ or similar; as we had the destination (Taru’s old family house – an ancient hall) and the home-cooked tea we knew was waiting for us, fixed in our minds. And the 2 boy, 2 girl and a dog combo lent the day an Enid Blyton feel. ¬†Can’t remember who came up with the¬†theme¬†but it kept us amused, chatting across the misty moors up to Cupwith Reservoir and then on to Scammonden.

We started at Marsden and walked 16 or so miles at an average of 2 miles an hour. So not a heads-down rush but with occasional steep inclines and a bit of mud and slurry to navigate, it was a sociable but purposed pace.

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