Marsden Walkers Are Welcome challenge hike

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome hike report photo

I took part in a 25 mile challenge hike to raise money for our local Walkers Are Welcome group. And it reminded me what an interesting and varied part of the world I live in. Varied, as in: not just drizzle, which it can sometimes feel like 😉

At the back end of last year I got involved in my local iteration of the national ‘Walkers Are Welcome’ initiative. The original committee had done sterling work in getting our small town / big village accredited as a WAW town but were all, for various reasons, stepping down.

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Walking Millstone Edge looking for The Brigadoon Stone

Brodie Dog near the Brigadoon Stone

I had some time over Twixtmas / ‘Chrimbo Limbo’ which I’d blocked off for a walk on the hills with Brodie Dog. I had a notion to walk up to Millstone Edge, which I haven’t done for a while.

Then this morning friend Jenny invited me for a walk, but I couldn’t make that (I was awaiting a delivery). But the great weather and that invite made my mind up – I’d do an afternoon walk if I could (packing the head torch in case I was still out late on).

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Peak Bog Christmas Jaunt 2016

peak Bog Men on Marsden Moor

This was the third year that I’ve joined the Peak Bog Men Runners on their nighttime christmas jaunt to the middle of the moors, to decorate a previously selected fir tree (or trig point, as was last year).

The name is a misnomer for these jaunts as (a) some of the group a walkers (b) Peak Bog Women are in attendance (c) Peak Bog Canines are in attendance (d) strictly speaking we were on Marsden Moor – although at the very northern edge of the Peak District.

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