Looking back from Black Hill

Halfwayhike Hike photo Marsden GoPro photo

A look back at 2014 walks:

I was stood in the dark at a festively decorated Black Hill trig point with some of my outdoorsy compadres and reflecting on my year of walks. This was last night, the Friday night before Christmas and some of the assembled group had run up from Marsden (they’re addled like that). Jeff, Mac, Steve and I had walked, the plan being to rendezvous with those tapped runners for some festive fare and bonhomie.

It had been a bit of a slog from the Isle Of Skye Road up to Black Hill, with low cloud, driving rain and strong wind. And the ever-slippy Pennine Way flagstones to add to the fun. Once at the top, I couldn’t actually see much from Black Hill itself (Stars, distant Holmfirth and Huddersfield all temporarily obscured by cloud and rain). But that was okay, the focus was on the merriment around me.

Carol singing on Black Hill
Martyn, Andy and Ali carol singing with gusto above the roaring wind.

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A couple of walks courtesy of Brecon Carreg

I’ve been contacted by the guys at Brecon Carreg water as they’ve created a series of walks around the south of Wales (naturally) and they wanted to get the word out about them.
I’m not reviewing a product as such here and I haven’t been offered any incentive, I’m just posting two particular walks I was sent details of.
Why share these? Well, it was a friendly approach and they’ve gone to the trouble of compiling some walks. And I liked the fact they are near to conurbations, so reachable by lots of folk who maybe won’t / can’t do big hikes in more remote places. Or maybe who can but like to fit in some shorter (but still leg-stretching) explores of interesting areas.

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Stumbling across Il Sentiero Del Viandante

Sentiero Del Viandante hike trail lake Como Italy

We had a short road trip down to Lake Como last week, a bit of a mad dash through France, Switzerland and then into Northern Italy.

We camped at the bottom, eastern leg of the lake (at Abbadia Larianna) in a small campsite which is actually more local community bar / cafe than touristy campsite (but all the better for it).

The plan was to just chill out for a few days, sample the Chianti (mission accomplished) and do the tourist thing in the small, picturesque towns that dot the shores of the lake.

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