Edale and Mam Tor jaunt

Mam Tor ridge before Lose Hill

I had a Misty Mam Tor Hop, with the hound as part of my occasional ‘dad and lad’ van trips.  This was 10 miles ish of a mooch from Edale, up and along Rushup Edge and then onto a busy Mam Tor and along the ridge before descending back to Edale and into the Old Nags Head to dry out. … read more >

Freshwalks Glossop and Kinder Downfall Circular

Freshwalks Glossop to Kinder downfall hike dark peak

I headed over to Glossop on a recent Friday to meet the other folk joining the Freshwalks jaunt up to Kinder Downfall and back. Out walking on a Friday? I must have an enlightened boss. Well, if he needed convincing it was a ‘netwalking’ event, organised by Michael. The idea being that you get away from your desk, get some … read more >

A Christmas jaunt to Black Hill

Black Hill festive meetup

This was indeed a jaunt as opposed to a ‘big hike’ but the destination and intent where more the (festive) focus than views and miles covered.  On a foggy but warm night last week, a few outdoorsy mates either walked or ran from the Isle of Skye road above Marsden and Meltham and up to Black hill.  The walkers went via … read more >

Greenfield to Marsden via Laddow Rocks – a Halloween hike

Wimberry Rocks Saddleworth

Phantom planes, occult activities and ghostly figures have been allegedly heard or spotted over the years around the saddleworth moor area. Perfect then for an eighteen mile hike across part of them, on Halloween, as devised by friends Jenny and Mac. And a chilli at Jenny’s had been planned for afterwards, making it even more of an event to look forward to.

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A ramble from Crowden

Crowden Hike Peak District

I had limited time this weekend so petitioned my very accommodating ‘Butterley Booters‘ mates, Jenny and Taru, to keep to maybe four hours of hiking somewhere near us. A ramble from Crowden to Laddow Rocks was arranged.

Taru’s suggestion came from the ‘The Pennine Divide’ book that she has. The book comes from the ‘freedom to roam‘ series from the Ramblers (said he, glancing at the cover as he types). This particular book is by Andrew Bibby.

I hadn’t seen the book before and I’ve only had chance to flick through it but the introductory section is nicely written and the walks are really well described.

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