Beaches, Boots and a Fox – part of the South West Coast Path

If you get down to Cornwall, try and get at least part of the South West Coast Path walked. The views are fantastic. And if you’re not in a rush there’s always a few beach cafes or pubs along various parts of it. Its kind of strange trudging across a beach full of sunbathers with your boots and backpack and the sea looked really (really) inviting in the heat but I was in hiking mode 🙂

We walked from Falmouth to Helford river (the ferry dock) and whilst it was way too hot to enjoy at times (no, really) we had a great walk. We being son Joe and I. He lives down there so has being walking various sections of the coast. Lucky man.The Falmouth to Helford section isn’t the most rugged or challenging as such but the 7 hours or so (coming back the way we went at the 3 hour mark) makes it a good stretch.,

We didn’t see any of the dolphins you can sometimes see from the cliff tops, or a basking shark (likewise) but we did have a Fox mooching about ahead of us until he (or she, couldn’t tell) heard us and disappeared into the undergrowth. That was cool.

the photo here just about captures it ahead of us.

Fox on Cornwall South West Coastal Path
Joe watching the distracted Fox on the footpath (bit grainy but it is there)

the route can be seen here if you have a search for Falmouth.


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