Out on a walk – the geek edition

So, I’ve decided that before I attempt the national 3 peaks I need to make sure I can find my way up and down them. Obviously paper maps are a must – actually, learning to read one properly is a must also – but I’m a geek so I also want to try out a GPS system. I’ve looked at the dedicated units and they look really cool – the expensive colour screen ones do anyway. Of course, always the way – I really like the full bells and whistles versions of things.
But I noticed a while back (and I think I’ve mentioned here before) an App from viewranger that works on the HTC phone (running Android) that I have.

Its taken me most of this evening to set up an account, suss out how to get credits registered (via my Paypal account, which is nice and easy of course) and have a quick look at what maps you can buy, so I haven’t really got a view on how it all works yet. Although I’ve had a really quick look at the wiki, which is good – and the fledgling / beta community area. What I haven’t done yet is download any maps or get my head around the actual App interface. Which looks feature rich – or in other words a bit (initially) tricky for me to digest in on evening after a mental day at work.
So I’m going to give it a real go this weekend with some small (ish) hills around Saddleworth.

Better to suss the App out there than for the first time in earnest halfway up Scarfell Pike.. 🙂

I realised two things tho – my phone isn’t waterproof and also the battery life on The HTC Desire HD sucks. Bit better than an iPhone but still it wouldn’t last one mountain trek, let alone the 3 Peaks in 24 hours.
Problem one has been solved by buying this : http://www.aquapac.net/worldstore/land-electronics-phone-pouches-1054-0.html
Which looks good and is going to be better than the sandwich bags (oh yes) I’ve been using as rain protection to date 🙂

aquapac stormproof pouch
aquapac stormproof pouch - in orange or grey. I went orange, the helicopter will find me easier

I now need to find a great solar charger attachment gizmo for Problem 2 and the extended hours out and about.

Review of Viewranger (the App and the extended community / wiki / guides support etc) to follow

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4 thoughts on “Out on a walk – the geek edition”

  1. Nice bit of essential kit, however it’s not gesture enabled so you still have to take it out of it’s wrapper. OK, so I’ve really got my geek on there!

  2. LOL ~ Ok, I had to comment. The orange for the helicopter to find you…classic! I’ll remember that the next time I’m buying gear.

    I’m a sandwich baggie user myself ~

    P.S. Your approved for the Outdoor Blogger Network Directory. Great blog!

    • Cool, thanks Rebecca, nice feedback.
      Being middle aged I forgot my orange aquapac on my last walk and a few miles from home with the rain starting, reverted back to sandwich bag. Lo tech ruled the day 🙂

      Your network is a great resource for reading some really good blogs, thanks


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