Marsden Moor Heritage Trail – what’s with the stones?

Marsden Moor Heritage Trail Stone #9
Marsden Moor Heritage Trail Stone #9 marking (I think) view of Binn Road Mill to the right – and Wessenden valley / reservoirs to the left

Ask Google about the ‘Marsden Moors Heritage Trail’ and you get a range of links but none that definitively explain why there are a number of stones dotted around the valley and moors.. and why they are in those specific locations. Or what the specific number on each relates to.
I had a lovely morning walk out up the hills with the dog today and as I was glugging some water stood at Stone Number Nine it occurred to me I have no idea why it is Number Nine, or why there.

I asked the Peak District Countryside Ranger I saw half an hour later and he knew as much as me .. something to do with those other moors stewards, the National Trust, he thought.

Just after I left the ranger the dog did one of those sudden downhill lurches into the rust coloured ferns and rather than flushing out the usual slow witted sheep, two pheasants clattered a protest and flapped up into the blue sky.
They were cross, I was cursing as she nearly pulled my arm out of its socket, but she was really pleased with herself and they looked beautiful gliding away down the valley.

Back to the Mystery Trail Stones – when I got home I googled the term above because I’ve seen the stones on a few walks around the moors above my village, you can’t miss them, but as I’ve said, I don’t know what they mark.

I already knew the National Trust put them there as I’ve seen a blog post that details some of the installation work done with them. But I don’t know what each number corresponds to, or where they all are. I did see Stone Number Ten but didn’t want to stop and Foursquare that one so soon after the previous feel-stop.

So.. excellent reason for planning some walks that take them all in in some combo or other. And an excellent reason for outdoors geekery. I’m going to tag them all in foursquare as locations. And in lieu of them having qr codes (or just a simple information plaque on the reverse side if you want lo tech)  or me finding a leaflet or website about them.. I’m going to work out what I can see from each one and figure out why that particular spot is significant. A mill here, a distant canal there etc

I noticed my flickr friend, great photographer and all round nice bloke Gary has take some shots of them:

And above is my far poorer (camera phone) capture of Stone Number Nine. Now a geolocation point on Foursquare.. you won’t get a free cup of coffee if you check in there but you will get a lovely view especially on a blue sky autumnal day like today 🙂

Update (7th Nov 2011)

– I found a map of the heritage trail with the Stone locations (and numbers) marked out :

I still can’t figure out what each signifies though.. there must be a key somewhere ?


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    • Yes that’s the one Richard but that pdf doesn’t actually provide the exact locations of the markers OR what each one signifies.. so its a nice leaflet with a suggested hike route but doesn’t help explain what each marker stone signifies..


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