Postcard from a walk not taken


I planned a walk last Saturday that would be part of a 12 mile circular I’ve mapped out, to take in some reservoir side paths then onto the moors around me and across into the neighbouring Peak District.

But I changed my mind not far into the walk .. the dog made it clear she wasn’t having fun. So we called it a day : It isn’t worth pushing things just to tick off a route or walk you’ve started out on.

Basically poor Brodie Dog has been under the weather, she has picked up mites it seems due a local urban fox. I’ve seen it twice, it looks lovely but the vet thinks there’s been a rush of mite transfers this year, it must use our garden as part of its patch. And good luck to it, I like foxes but no thanks to the mites and the medication the dog is on for a while to clear them.

So .. the walk. We left our village with a grey but dry sky and just 20 minutes drive up onto the moors, the weather had become foggy, really windy and really cold at -1 though it felt colder ..
and 15 minutes into the walk it started snowing.
And the dog gave me a look that said get me out of here. When you’re ill and on meds you don’t want that kind of weather and I felt bad about dragging her out. So back we headed.

The newly plotted route will have to wait.

Meanwhile here’s a photo just before it started to snow again.. starring a flock of sheep that weren’t too pleased to see us.

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