Walking home for Christmas

I had a walk out this morning with my son Joe as we both wanted to blow away the cobwebs. Him from being stuck indoors a lot finishing his 3rd year dissertation and me from having overstretched myself in the present buying and wrapping stakes (amazing how tiring that can be). And I fancied I should build up some credit in the health bank before I eat my body weight in turkey and chocolate in the next couple of days of course 😉

It wasn’t much of long walk really and certainly didn’t really trip into ‘hike’ mode (e.g no mountains or wilderness and only about three and half hours in all) but it was really nice. Firstly for the company : having a geologist with you makes for interesting conversation (fracking, who knew, obviously not me.) .. and he’s a great conversationalist about anything from music to quantum mechanics. I know I’m biased but if I do a long trek (vague thoughts for Nepal at some stage) or another road trip (like we did in Iceland a couple of years ago), Joe would be on my list for trek buddy. And he should be on yours. Professional trek buddy , is there such a thing ? He’s looking for work from summer onwards, hire him. I’ll pay the outward travel fees, contact me.

By the way , we got talking about the what and the how of ‘a good walk’ and I mentioned a book I read recently that I’m passing to him. If you like your walks and hikes (and guessing you do if you’re here) then get hold of Geoff Nicholson‘s ‘The lost art of walking‘, its a personal and historical essay on what it means to be a walker (remote, rural or city based).
Oh – just googled to get a link whilst typing this and Geoff has a blog about walking in hollywood area .. it looks great, some holiday reading for me I think 🙂 (http://hollywoodwalker.blogspot.com/)

It was also a nice walk because despite some rain and a lack of blue sky, it took in some great views back down the valley to our village. And also involved some deer spotting (not hard as they are enclosed in a deer farm) and some Ram avoidance (the horns on the biggest were really impressive). And we had a good chat with the ladies in the road side mobile cafe at the top of the valley. (So the health credit thing didn’t really work out – it was a bacon sandwich for me).

The route we took was straight up the Wesenden valley along some reservoirs .. and straight down again, nothing complicated but still really nice to spend time with my son and chew the fat (and the sandwiches).

happy Christmas / holidays to you 


Some photos (bit blurry I know) from the walk

man and dog as Wessenden walkers
Wessenden walkers - son Joe and Brodie the dog..
Stag at a deer farm
The Ghost of Christmas Present (sorry bit macabre but some of this Stag's group will be being eaten around the valley this week no doubt).. he looks a bit ghostly already
Walker with Yorskhire flag looking towards Yorkshire
The flag at the mobile cafe van denotes the border between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Kind of a wild and windy day .. hence son Joe with his hood up

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