A Boxing Day ramble with ‘health giving breezes’ ..

Looking down to Wessenden Brook, back towards Marsden
Looking down to Wessenden Brook, back towards Marsden

The obligatory Boxing Day walk / hike / ramble. I think this was more of a ramble, as we (Son Joe and I and Brodie Dog, of course) set off with no clear route planned.
We headed south up the Wessenden Valley in Marsden where we live – a ‘day out’ route for 120 years a least. But the low winter sun in our eyes was a bit too much.I’m not complaining – too much rain of late – but after 45 minutes or so, we got fed up looking ground-ward the whole time.

We definitely had a blast of air, a really strong cold wind to clear the Christmas day head 🙂

Folks did a similar thing years ago – I found reference to an old advert extolling the walk up Wessenden (and the air / wind) and a place called Hester’s Retreat:

There are mountain and moorland, rivulet and lake,
Health giving breezes, Fernbank and Brake,
Bracken and heather, shrubbery and tree,
Good road to get there, these are all free

Nowadays it would probably have mentioned free wifi too?!

The lodge at the top doesn’t do teas anymore and the Isle of Skye Inn a further walk up, is long gone, so there was no compulsion to stick with the dazzling sun.
So we diverted right (West) when we got to the intersection with the Pennine Way and headed across the moors towards Black Moss and Swellands reservoirs and then Standedge.

We did get the ‘health giving breezes’ though.. I love clear sky and a bit of wind but it was actually a tad too biting on the tops – definitely had those cobwebs blown away!

That’s about as much of a hike write-up from me as you’ll get on this post. It being Boxing Day, we have visitors due and there’s 5 gallons of ginger wine to make a dent in.

I’m planning another couple of walks in the next week or two – helping to ‘stress test’ some soon to be published route maps for Walkers Are Welcome, so I’ll be writing those up.

And then it’s the annual Snowdon trip in early Feb which I’m looking forward to.

In the meantime – have a brilliant New Year’s eve!

Mark Kelly and Joe kelly above Wessenden Valley
Myself and Joe above the Wessenden Valley..
Joe and Brodie heading towards Black Moss reservoir
Joe and Brodie heading towards Black Moss reservoir

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