3 Peaks, 2 with added views – The Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge for Simon On The Streets

Yesterday (Friday) I completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge for the 3rd year in a row. It was initially the hardest slog of all, despite the fantastic sunshine and a really nice bunch of folk to walk with. The sunshine was third time lucky for me – the previous two challenges have been misty, rainy and sleety affairs with no views to reward a knackered man at the top of a peak. Actually, the views applied to Pen-Y-Ghent and Whernside only, by the time we got up to the Ingleborough trig point it was shrouded in cloud. Two out of three aint bad though 🙂

I hadn’t intended to do it this year but having signed up for it, I was aware of where the harder bits for me would be (the trudge up Whernside and the short and sharp ascent of Ingleborough). Hence this year starting as the ‘hardest slog of all’. Although ‘The Bog’ is now avoided via new path (as mentioned by Paul in a previous comment), so a fair bit of time and mud/swamp-soaking was saved. Actually – I kind of miss Boggy, it added a real sense of accomplishment to get through it, feet and legs saturated for the rest of the day. Okay, maybe not missing it that much.

Anyway, I got stuck in and I’m glad I did – dedication to the cause. And the cause in this case is a brilliant charity – Simon On The Streets, who support rough sleepers in a way other services can’t. I personally raised over £200 and counting and thank you to everyone who sponsored me. I promise to lay off for a while – nobody likes that Facebook and Twitter friend who is constantly badgering! 🙂

The day was guided by Phil from KUTA http://www.kuta.co.uk/outdoors/ and he was great guide. I’ve done the 3 Peaks under my own steam, as it were, twice now – but as this was with a mixed team (and for insurance / liability reasons etc) SOTS needed a day leader and guide and you couldn’t find better than Phil. I think Phil gave his time for free so all credit to him. I hadn’t met anyone other than Clive (Director of SOTS) before and I was the only ‘solo’ along; so it was great that the group (about 14 in all I think) turned out be a friendly bunch and I had some great chats with a few folk over the course of the day.

I was going to name-check my sponsors but I’m stretched for time now (playing work catch-up despite it being a Saturday). So here’s a link to the JustGiving page instead and massive THANK YOU to them all.

And by way of public service (of interest to at least 2 other people who I walked with down from Ingleborough ‘into the valley’ to Horton.. a link to the actual lyrics of The Skids 1979 song of that name. Gary and I were singing it (mumbling it) by way of cheering on Alison, one of the group who had sprained her knee and was slowly but valiantly heading downhill with the thought of a pint at the end and some excellent swearing to keep her going. We all knew the song but couldn’t remember the lyrics..

And here are some of my phone shots from the day, if you click on one it should go into in sideshow mode. I may use a couple of the panoramas for the blog header also, it needs a refresh!

4 thoughts on “3 Peaks, 2 with added views – The Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge for Simon On The Streets”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Great to meet you and share conversation whilst completing the Y3P.

    You may or may not know Alison had a very sore knee requiring a firemans lift from just below the summit of Ingleborough.. she didn’t complain once about the discomfort, and managed to hobble in… it was a superb opportunity to build on my fitness!! : )

    I shall contact you shortly.

    Until then I shall enjoy reading your blog – superb from what I’ve seen so far

    Regards and best

    Phil Lee

    • Hi Phil

      I do indeed know about the fireman’s lift, hope Alison is recovering well and all credit to you (and her) for her completing in good spirits. Even our poor rendition of an old 70s song didn’t dampen her mood!

      I actually took a shot of the fireman’s lift but didn’t post it with the others, to save Alison’s blushes..

      Thanks for feedback on the blog, much appreciated Phil.

  2. Well done Mark – this seems to be an annual event for you now, so we’ll read about it again in 2014 no doubt!

    I’m also heading back to The Dales from North Wales, to help out on another Y3P challenge next weekend – it seems you just can’t escape from the Y3P 🙂


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