Running the Great Himalaya Trail

No not me .. Nepal looks amazing but sadly it’s not me there.. I’m posting this for a couple of reasons that I’ll detail in a moment.

Yes it’s a bit of a curious post for me (in that it’s about running and I’m no runner):

I was contacted by the Berghaus folks with an infographic they have produced about ‘The Ultimate Trail’ – which one of their athletes (Philippe Gatta) is in the process of completing.

Philippe and at times his wife Anna are running an insane (to me)  40 marathons in 40 days… across the high route of the Great Himalaya Trail.  An amazing challenge!

I’m not being provided anything by Berghaus for this and my initial thought was ‘it’s not really hiking focused so not sure it’s within (my self imposed) editorial guide’.

But .. my reasons for adding this post are:

1. I like a good infographic – in my day job of marketing I see a lot and this is a nice one.

Berghaus ultimate trail - infographic
2. I’ve got some crazy ultra runner friends who’d appreciate seeing this info.

3. Hats off to Philippe and Anna – I started to read their daily updates and was fascinated, what a challenge, makes my yomping about on the sometimes bleak moors seem trivial 🙂

The infographic on the Berghaus blog is here –  and you can follow the trail updates / diary here –

4. The team are also raising money for a new orphanage (

And I’ve just found the facebook page of the whole thing if you want to see updates that way.

Good luck to them

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