Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Team #GorillaHope

Craghoppers Film launch evening – #GorillaHope

Mountain Gorilla raghoppers Dian Fossey #GorillaHope

Whilst not a walk or a hike as such I thought there was enough resonance in an event I just attended, as a competition winner (and it’s such a good cause) that I wanted to give it a mention.

I was at the launch this week of a film that shows the great work that the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund does to protect, nurture and grow the population of Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. The distances, conditions and danger that the guys who work for the Gorilla Fund endure put my 3 days on the Ridgeway Path to shame.

I had won a Facebook competition, run by Craghoppers and was one of the attendees at the premiere of the film / Q&A session, all facilitated by Google in one of their london offices.

The documentary highlights the plight of the mountain gorillas in
Rwanda. Produced by Craghoppers and voiced by Sir David Attenborough, Hope was filmed in the Volcanoes National Park 47 years after Dian Fossey began her life’s work in mountain gorilla conservation. 

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Team #GorillaHope
images courtesy of the #GorillaHope team

Craghoppers also support the guides and anti-poaching patrol rangers on the ground by supplying all their kit.

The film resonated with me because I’ve always been fascinated by our primate cousins (currently glued the BBC Monkey Planet series ).

My late uncle was a patron of Jersey Zoo and I remember school holiday visits to see the gorillas and sitting next to the keepers on the grass,  holding young chimps (my ailing memory tells me they were chimps rather than young gorillas).



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