Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

Brimham Rocks Circular along the Nidderdale Way

I went on a walk last Sunday with my ‘Butterley Booters‘ compadres which was remarkable for two reasons:

(1) Brodie came in the car with me / us on the 90 minute journey to get there. Which is a personal best for her, as her younger ‘barf zone’ limit was around 45 minutes. I’d stopped trying longer trips with her but I’m glad to say she made it there and back with her dignity (and stomach contents) intact.

(2) We started from (and ended at) Brimham Rocks. Somewhere I’ve never been. “Really? Never? Really?” Jenny and Taru both asked when they first mentioned a walk there. The Rocks are a real geological magnet for tourists and walkers alike. They had passed me by though. I’m glad to say I’ve seen them now.

Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

We made a day of it by doing a walk that followed a couple of sections of the Nidderdale Way (a few miles of the 53 miles or so of the long distance path) which gave us a nice mix of woodland trails, farm forays and wide open views.

Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

The walk we did was billed as 9.4 miles but we did a bit more allowing for slightly diverted paths and false starts down a couple of sections. All the better really, as the weather and views were great.

Jenny had picked up the route from, which described it as: Brimham Rocks – Glasshouses – Guise Cliff – Dacre Banks (back to Brimham Rocks). The route ID is 4289 and the Map is ‘Explorer 298 Nidderdale’.

Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

Nidderdale Way Yorkshire Dales Hike

When we got back to Brimham Rocks we had a picnic tea with Jenny’s Mum and Sister (and nephews) who had got there earlier. And we had a good mooch about the impressive sandstone (gritstone) structures just as a lot of the visitors were heading home, so we’d timed it well with our circular walk beforehand.

Below are photos from the finish at Brimham Rocks, you can click on any of them to open a gallery type page. Close the gallery by clicking on the little X top left hand corner when you are finished.


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    • That was a new one for me and having just watched it through on Youtube (song stuck in my head now), that does indeed look like Brimham Rocks (wikipedia says it was too). The bits where they were actually there (not in the studio) are really fleeting near the end. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a blue plaque there? 😉


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