Black Hill festive meetup

A Christmas jaunt to Black Hill

This was indeed a jaunt as opposed to a ‘big hike’ but the destination and intent where more the (festive) focus than views and miles covered.  On a foggy but warm night last week, a few outdoorsy mates either walked or ran from the Isle of Skye road above Marsden and Meltham and up to Black hill.  The walkers went via the Pennine Way (cheekily slippy in places as always) and the peat bog runners started near the White Moss area then headed across very boggy bog towards Soldiers Lump: to all rendezvous at the trig point.

Everyone brought festive snacks of various types and their choice of tipple.. many a hip flask was in use around the trig. We walkers arrived first and decorated the trig point with tinsel and portable fairy lights. A welcome sight for the runners whose head torches we could see bobbing up Soldiers Lump in the dark, quite some sight.

Black Hill festive meetup
Jeff sets up his portable fairy lights to welcome in the runners

Black Hill festive meetup Black Hill festive meetup Black Hill festive meetup Black Hill festive meetup

And here’s a snippet of a Christmas carol around the trig. I’m not a religious person but I do like the singing in a group thing – even if a bit flat (you can hear my dull tones part way through).

We did the same thing last year – the weather was better than last year actually like much of winter so far. Some of the runners have been doing this for a few years, it’s an eccentric, sociable start to the holiday season.

I hope you have a great one wherever you are, cheers.

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