Freshwalks Glossop to Kinder downfall hike dark peak

Freshwalks Glossop and Kinder Downfall Circular

I headed over to Glossop on a recent Friday to meet the other folk joining the Freshwalks jaunt up to Kinder Downfall and back. Out walking on a Friday? I must have an enlightened boss. Well, if he needed convincing it was a ‘netwalking’ event, organised by Michael. The idea being that you get away from your desk, get some wide open skies and connect / network with people in the way that only the longer rhythm of conversations you get on the hills engenders.

Of course I don’t need to play the ‘it’s work, honest’ card with the boss as I’m the boss of me and I’d arranged client work a few days before in order to keep the day free. By happy coincidence, it was also pretty much great weather (barring some low cloud and a bit of fine hail at one point): result.

The route is shown below (link to my Viewranger account) and there are a few photos from the day.

I did indeed, as billed, meet lots of friendly folk and talk about mostly the outdoors, trips we’ve been on etc but with some respective work-related chat along with that. And I met and had a great chat with an ex work (McCann) colleague – Martyn –  chewing the fat about old projects, common connections etc.

The walk from Glossop centre up to Kinder downfall is great, an early haul uphill and you’re soon under big skies.

Freshwalks Gnathole wood Glossop to Kinder downfall walk hike dark peak woodland
Heading up through Gnathole Wood just outside of Glossop – up to Shaw Moor

It felt familiar territory to me and not just because I’ve been up there previously: it’s essentially the same rugged moorland landscape that’s up hill and around me in Marsden. That said, we have the escarpments of Pule Hill, Millstone Edge and the ‘mighty rocks’ on Scout Moor – but nothing as dramatic as Kinder Downfall.

Freshwalks Glossop to Kinder downfall
Taking a breather at Chunal Moor just before Harry Hut trig point
Freshwalks Glossop to Kinder downfall Harry Hut Trig
At Harry Hut Trig point, I think it started to sleet a bit around this point (but not for long)
kinder downfall Freshwalks Mill Hill
Around Mill Hill area – if I remember right – before a smallish incline then onto the Kinder Downfall plateau proper
Kinder Downfall Freshwalks 6
Lunchtime at Kinder Downfall – grey skies above us but dry so time for a snack and chats all round

The route back – which came around surprisingly quickly (a factor of being lost in conversation/s) – started as a retrace of the outward track but then diverted and took  us to Old Glossop and The Wheatsheaf. I hadn’t actually been up to Old Glossop before, it’s a lovely hamlet.

Kinder Downfall Freshwalks Old Glossop

After an excellent steak pie and chips I headed home, the 12 miles of walking just about letting me off the hook for the enormous calorie hit of the pie 😉

Freshwalks did what it said on the tin: “.. reinvigorate both body and soul, allowing participants to make new contacts, to share personal and business challenges and gain some fresh perspective.”

It was great to meet lots of new folk and spend some time in the Dark Peak’s energising landscape, I’ll be joining other Freshwalks when I can.

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