Marsden Walkers Are Welcome Netherwood Trail

Scoping the Netherwood trail for Walkers Are Welcome

As I wrote about recently, I’m part of the new steering committee for Marsden Walkers Are Welcome. We’re in the process of organising things like a survey of all the PROW (rights of way) paths in the area, in conjunction with Kirklees Council.

One of the other things we have been looking at is progressing a new waymarked route, initiated by one of the previous committee members and experienced route planner, Norrie.

A few of us met up with Norrie a couple of weeks ago to look at the trail he had been scoping out. The “Netherwood trail’ had already had some remedial work carried out by Kirklees, having been flagged by Norrie e.g stile repairs and duck boarding in some inundated, marshy parts.

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome Netherwood Trail

The eventual waymarked route will be (tbc) around a 5 mile looped walk. Starting, as all the WAW walks do, at the train station.

The walk takes in farmland, moorland and woodland and it will fit well with the adjacent Cat Holes walk. You could create a longer walk if you wanted, by tying the two together.

I won’t show the preliminary Netherwood trail map (as recorded on my Viewranger app) as yet, as it’s just that – preliminary. A couple of parts of it may change by the time we create the waymarked leaflet and accompanying historical notes for it. Keep an eye on the Marsden WAW Facebook page to see when the map leaflet is available.

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome Netherwood Trail

Marsden isn’t swathed in woodland as such – although that changing with the great work of the Colne Valley Tree Society). So having a way marked trail that takes in established woods is great.

Walking through woodland means you see (and hear) different fauna and flora from those found on the moors that horseshoe around the village.

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome Netherwood Trail

As we headed down into woods, we saw the white rumped flash of a fleeing deer. I’ve heard that there are more deer about, as areas of woodland join up along the valley.

I’ll have to do the walk again with less folk and see if I can spot any more deer. That said, I’d have the hound with me, so hardly in stealth mode!

I’m not sure which species of deer it was. It looked quite big so I’m guessing it was a Roe buck. I could be wrong of course but a quick check on british deer society site makes me think it could well have been that.

Yep, next mission.. out with the camera and silent dog (ha) to try to spot one again.

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