Marsden Poetry Trail walk

Surveying the Marsden Poetry Trail

I had a walk around the Marsden poetry trail, that I previously devised and shared on this blog, alongside poet David Coldwell.

See the original Marsden Poetry trail post here and the Viewranger file for the trail here .

I recently added to some of the waymarkers to the Viewranger file to give more (poetic) detail to the 9.4 miles.

The walk was around the trail with a ‘critical eye’, undertaking a bit of a survey. David is a Marsden-based (with a national profile) poet, an artist, a fellow Marsden Walkers Are Welcome organiser and one of the guys behind the ‘Marsden Poetry Village’ Write Out Loud initiative. His poem Heron features on the trail. He had his surveyor’s hat on for both Write Out Loud and Marsden Walkers Are Welcome

The plan is to use my original trail as the basis for a waymarked printed leaflet, or to use it as a catalyst and keep some of the route but have a shorter more ‘family friendly’ route (which will become the leaflet and a web presence).

That’s all to be sorted out in due course but in the meantime it was good to walk the route again. We had ‘four seasons in one day’ as David remarked; sun, hail, rain and back to sun.

Here are some photos from the walk. The poets mentioned are expanded on in the poetry trail post linked above.

Marsden Poetry Trail walk
Part of the walk past Samuel Laycock’s family home, as it gets wilder heading up to pule hill
Marsden Poetry Trail walk
Surveying the village from the WW2 Cross on Pule Hill (I need to find a local based war poet for this spot on the trail..)
Marsden Poetry Trail walk
Mum and lambs close to the site where local poet (and amateur archeologist) George Marsden found bronze age urns buried on the top of Pule Hill.
Marsden Poetry Trail walk
Heading back down from the March Hill area

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