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Featured in a couple of new Top Blogs lists

I’ve been added to a couple of new lists of ‘top outdoors’ blogs, as you might see from the badges on the left on the home page.

I started my blog with no plan to gain followers, to monetise it or to win awards. I’m so not that focused for what is a hobby blog. It was set up to record the longer trips I had started to do and to shout about my local moors and hills. My memory is awful, so I sometimes look back and see photos or write-ups I have written that jog my memory .. “oh, I was there, cool!”.

And I also set up the blog to try out various features of WordPress and it’s wider themes and plug-ins ecosystem. I’ve blogged for many years (back to 2002 using Blogger and then Squarespace respectively).

But setting this blog up in WordPress would give me some insight when talking to clients about both ‘sides’ of blogging and wider content marketing. e.g being the blogger and also one of the PR / marketing folks who contacts bloggers to work on brand marketing initiatives.

And you could be cynical (me? never) and see these type of lists (and awards for that matter) as a way of brands, organisations or others bloggers getting links back to their own (monetised) sites, aiding their own SEO endeavors, raising their own profile and getting some traffic.

But I have to say that the lists I’ve had a mention on have been well researched and in the case of individual bloggers behind them, are clearly a labour of love.

So it’s cool to be included recently in two separate ‘Recommended Blog’ lists. These come courtesy of:

– Justin at the Outdoor Veteran.
Top 30 inspirational hiking bloggers list, which has me included with some nice words from Justin.

– Shawn at The Smart Lad.
With the Top 63 Outdoor Blogs you can read for inspiration. A nice description of my blog here too.


Both lists (and because they are USA based, I think) use the term ‘Outdoors’ to cover not just hiking or running etc but hunting. Being an outdoors person in the States generally covers the hunting fraternity. Which isn’t my thing – I use a camera to capture wildlife. But I’m not a hypocrite, I’m a meat eater. I did read through to some of the other blogs also included, that cover big game hunting. To satisfy myself as much as possible that they weren’t focussed on endangered species. I’m not endorsing any of the other blogs by being included in a list alongside them but I did want to feel comfortable. I am surrounded by farmland and moorland and know a couple of local guys who head out at different times to bag some game and in one case, to cull deer with his licence. To my mind that’s better than visiting the local superstore to buy your shed-reared chicken. Anyway.. this is turning into debating corner so I’ll stop now 🙂 

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