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Newborough Forest weekend trip

We headed to Awelfryn Campsite on Anglesey for a long weekend of walks through woodlands, amongst the nature reserve that’s a sand dunes complex and along the beach. Brodie Dog was happy in 2nd / pottering gear, so the woodland walk was a mindful mooch for us all, lots of time to stop and look at nature whilst the old hound sniffed a blade of grass for the tenth time.

Newborough Forest is a great day out, lots of trails to explore and we didn’t have to drive in as the campsite is at the northern end of the reserve, next to Newborough village. Here are few photos from the trip.

Newborough Warren beach
Down on Newborough beach after a walk through the woodlands
Brodie dog on Newborough Warren beach
Brodie Dog loves a beach mooch. her harness was on to help her up up some of the steeper sand dunes and over any stiles between forest and nature reserve, her agility is not so great at the grand age of 15 or so.
Newborough Forest walk down to the beach
Newborough Forest has a lot of trails, some more open to the sky than others, a nice mix.

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