Stephen Poole Archeologist on March Hill

Guided Walk for the Mesolithic March Hill trail

Combining my love of the outdoors and an interest in prehistory.. what could be better?
I’m one of the volunteers / organisers for Marsden Walkers are Welcome and as well as path clearances and launching a walking festival , we produce waymarked map leaflets for the trails we have put together. The first new one in a long time is the ‘Mesolithic March Hill’ trail.

March Hil (and other parts of the local moors) have a strong association with the early to late ‘stone age’ with lots of digs and research initiatives taking place over the last 100 or more years. More about some of those and Mesolithic Marsden can be found on the link to the page on this site.

On 1st August, we hosted a guided walk to coincide with Marsden’s ‘Yorkshire Day’ celebrations and the (delayed due to COVID lockdown/s) launch of our new Mesolithic March Hill trail leaflet.

Guided Mesolithic Walk March Hill Marsden
Me – the red-faced walk leader (it was a humid day.) This is the first few folks heading up March Hill, there were 25 of us so most are out of shot in this pic.
Microlith flint tool on March Hill Marsden
One of the larger flint pieces that Stephen showed us (reconstituted from two pieces found separately). many pieces were tiny.. definitely MICROLiths.
microlith being shown on March Hill
Friend Jenny showing me one of the small flint blades/microliths that have been found over the years.

It was great to help put this together with the other Marsden Walkers are Welcome gang and be one of the walk leaders. And to hear from Stephen Poole archaeologist and geologist who kindly gave up his Sunday to come and talk to us about hunter-gatherers in the area ‘back in the day’ (as he kept saying, which is my kind of phrase when I can’t remember dates).

More about the route itself and pdf of the print map leaflet that you can download can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Guided Walk for the Mesolithic March Hill trail”

  1. Hello.
    Due to work commitments I missed the last Mesolithic walk and was wondering if there would be another any time soon?
    I live in Marsden and collect and record surface flint finds for West Yorkshire Achealogical Services/ British Museum PAS. I have hundreds of flint tools dating from the late upper palaeolithic through the Mesolithic and Neolithic to the Bronze and Iron age. Hope to hear back from someone soon.
    Thanks. Dean.

    • Hi Dean
      We met and chatted briefly a few years back at Higg and Suzi’s house, I know you do a lot of investigating for Mesolithic finds as you say.
      We haven’t got another March Hill guided walk planned as yet but your note has galvanised me and it would be good to get the same archeologist along to do another with us.. I’ll add it to the plans at our next meeting. Cheers.


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