Grisedale Valley Beck Lake district Grisedale Tarn

A walk up to Grisedale Tarn from Gillside Farm campsite.

I had ‘dad and lad’ (hound) weekend in the Lakes (staying in Glenridding) along with some of my mates (and their assorted dogs).
It was a fairly impromptu jaunt after a call out from friend Ali to see if anyone fancied a stay in the Lakes. Anita had been incapacitated for a week or more at that point, with a bust knee / tendons (thankfully now much improved) and I figured (a) I would love to go and (b) it would give Anita a break from hound and me when she was trying to rest and elevate her leg.

The weekend included (for me and Jasper) a hike up to Grisedale Tarn on Saturday, which was a 12 mile or so round trip (starting at the campsite and ending at the pub), with blue skies and awesome views all the way.

It’s a steady but definite haul up to Grisedale Tarn along the well-maintained path that snakes up the valley. One of the fields / enclosures we passed through contained cows (not my favourite mammal) but they were away from us so no need for me to do a 5-mile detour (!).

The others walked various ridges and we all met at the pub  at the end of the day for food and chats, lovely stuff. The pub is the Travellers Rest which seems to get mixed reviews online but I / we had a good experience on both evenings.

We stayed at Gillside Farm camspite (Glenridding), it’s a great campsite, and although I left it too late to get an electric hook up, for 2 nights that wasn’t needed.
It’s a great location for paths up to the various hills /edges (Helvellyn, Striding and Swirral Edge to name three) and close to the village and the pub.

The pictures from the Saturday are in walk order:

Glenridding Gillside Farm Campsite
The campsite is a working farm sat below the hills and with various footpaths close by that head to fells near and far.
Glenridding Gillside Farm Campsite
Not a bad view to have from the campervan!
Glenridding Lantys Tarn
The was a path detour (repairs I think) around Lanty’s Tarn which was a shame but you could still see the views beyond it before detouring off away from the water.
Grisedale Valley Beck Lake district
The view back down Grisedale (valley) with beck below us.
Grisedale tarn
Grisedale tarn was fairly quiet whilst we sat beside it. Although there were a few folks dotted about having snacks before heading back down Grisedale or up to Dollywagon Pike, which sat above and behind us.
Grisedale Valley Beck Lake district Grisedale Tarn
Just after this photo Jasper was spooked by a drone buzzing about. A group of youth I’d had a chat with on the way up (haha – they were aged in their late 20s so youth to this now old man) had settled down with some beers and snacks and were having a play with the drone. I’m conflicted by drones in remote areas.. they make for great film no doubt but low level buzzing disturbing wildlife, dogs and nearby humans is annoying.
Travellers rest Pub Friends
One of the great things about a day on the hills / fells is meeting up with mates at the end of the day (in my case, mates who often do a far more precipitous route than me!). In this case, we spent the two evenings in the Travellers Rest [pics montage of Jon and Ali, Ali and Andy ‘map reading’, Florrie Dog and Jeff].
Campervan Dog Red Merle
Back to the van after the pub and someone tries to claim the whole bed for themselves..


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