Jasper – my new hills buddy

Red merle Border Collie

Having decided that our empty nester life was just too easy and restful, we welcomed Jasper the pup to the family in January of this year. Jasper is a Border Collie and those with collies (or know any) will know that you can wave goodbye to a quiet, restful, sofa-based life when they arrive! We’re now mostly past the ‘fluffy … read more >

Creating the Trees In Mind trail

Gathering at one of the Trees In MInd trail WW1 poetry plaques

I spent the last few months devising the Trees In Mind trail, a ten-mile trail that culminates in a woodland at the edge of Marsden, the village where I live. The woodland was planted in 2015 and holds 527 oak trees (saplings, still), one for each soldier who died in either Marsden or the other villages and communities in the … read more >