Inaugural #OutdoorBloggers Weekend

Pheasant on Kinder Scout

A short post this time round.. low on time but high on blog write-up angst. I went along to an #outdoorbloggers weekend a couple of weeks ago and had a great day of walking (up and around Kinder Scout / Downfall) and a nicely social evening, camping in Nether Booth (Edale area).

There are times when I prefer to be solo out on the hills / trails but I’m gregarious at heart so when I spotted an outdoor bloggers weekend / meet-up being organised, I signed up.

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Edale to Kinder Low Circular Hike

Edale Kinder Low Hike National Trust Helicopter

Brodie stopped a few feet below me and gave me a look: ‘so, who were you calling old?’ she seemed to be asking. I was picking my way hesitantly down Grindsbrook Clough, a pretty steep rocky path that hugs the brook and wends its way off Kinder Low, back down to Edale, which was not yet visible below us. My right knee and Achilles tendon were both aching a bit so Brodie had to stop every few yards or so to wait for me to catch up with her (she was on the extendable lead so didn’t really have a choice). Jenny was ahead of us and Karl behind, all of us watching out for especially slippy rocks.

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