Hidden Poems and Satellites – geocaching poetry

A section of Snow Simon Armitage marsden poetry poem hike

Poet David Coldwell has created a geocache challenge based on the poetry trail I put together a few weeks back (with the first two poems, as he says, being released into the wild). More poem-based geocache spots are going to be added soon. I’m really chuffed he’s building on the trail with a new layer of involvement.

The post title borrows from David’s of “Hidden Poems and Satellites – an Easter challenge”

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What’s up there then? A detour up March Hill

I planned a walk on Saturday to get vaguely in the zone for a hike up Scafell Pike on 26th Nov (vaguely, as in one walk won’t get me as fit as the other guys doing the walk!). And it turned out to be the best day of the weekend with blue skies all the way. My sketch of a route, planned a couple … read more >