A Marsden Poetry Trail

Poetry Trail Marsden Millstone Edge Dinner Stone

I’ll start with a disclaimer: this Marsden Poetry Trail isn’t the poetry trail that begins at ‘Snow’, the quarry-chiselled poem by Simon Armitage and then wends its way across to Ilkley. Although ‘ The Snow Stone’ does feature in this here trail.

This is ‘a’ Marsden poetry trail (9.5 miles) of my own noodling. It was devised as a bit of a hello to a murmur of poets who started following the blog after a kind reblog from poet David Coldwell. (I wasn’t sure of the collective noun for poets – take your pick from here : http://cordite.org.au/newsblog/a-collective-noun-for-poets/)

Discovering I had poets as a section of my followers kickstarted the idea for a themed walk.

And it actually meant a fair bit of enjoyable desk-research before I got my boots on. I’ve learnt a lot, sat here on my bum, over a couple of evenings and thanks again to David for catalysing that.

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Poetry on Pule Hill – the Stanza Stones trail

A sky sodden with grim intentions. The grass-blasted upward sweep fuelled by white noise. You pulling ahead, like you always do, snout down. And the whole time – the static pop pop pop of rain on my hood. Filling my ears. Oh aye, poetry in motion (mine and Brodie’s, heading uphill). Actually,  really bad poetry, I know. But I was getting into the poetry vibe and making up some … Keep reading >