Mark’s gym: re-opened for training


I thought I’d better build up my leg muscles so I’m resurrecting the multi gym that I bought from a mate for £20 a few years back and haven’t used (inevitably) for a long long time.
The York 1001 sounds like robot, not sure what the number signifies, maybe signifies the year it was invented?

Or perhaps its actually some kind of Viking torture device. Though that would be the Yorvik 1001.. I think.
My historical grasp of dates is probably out a bit there but with any luck the ancient contraption of weights and wires will do the trick.

I don’t think I can really do full-on weight training due to the high bp, or at least (now) I need to take that kind of training carefully on the hypertension medication I’ve got .. but leg work will be okay I think.

Here’s the front cover. Who wouldn’t aspire to look like that?

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