I’m walking the Rhinogs – now, where are they?

IMG_2266 by andydolman
IMG_2266, a photo by andydolman on Flickr.

As the title suggests I’m kind of new to this hiking malarkey and I don’t really know the nitty gritty of Britain’s mountain / hill routes, beyond some of the big names like Snowdon or Ben Nevis or Saddleworth. Okay, that last one isn’t big as such, just the area I walk the most, seeing as it is literally out of my garden gate and up a hill 🙂

Anyway – back to the Rhinogs. I’ve been spamming my friends with requests to sponsor me on the Yorkshire 3 peaks and one of them, Jeff, mentioned some guys were planning a walk to the Rhinogs and probably before I did the 3 Peaks. Great training for me and a chance to see somewhere new.

Over a  few beers (essential training) last night I gathered that they are near Snowdon, we’ll take 2 nights and a day for the trip ( a weekend in mid June) and I don’t need to do any rock climbing. It sounds like a lovely part of the worked and a great hike, so I’ve signed up.

Just started googling what may be in store and based on this (great) blog I just found, it should be excellent walking.


(the photo : not sure exact location – was just browsing flickr for Rhinogs ..)

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4 thoughts on “I’m walking the Rhinogs – now, where are they?”

    • Thanks for the feedback David. Just had a visit to your blog and its great. And thanks for the link to the Snowdon hikes you’ve done.
      I was interested in your review of walking poles. I’ve been thinking about getting walking poles for the 3 peaks challenge but I’m kind of undecided. I’ve been so used to walking with either free hands , or (more often) an 18kg Dog attached to one hand (always have to keep her on a lead – too many sheep near us!).
      If I buy any I’ll do so through your site – seeing as you are my first commentator and you’ve got a great blog 🙂

  1. that picture looks like the western slopes of Rhinog Fach, I forget the name of the lake up there, but there’s another peak that forms a horseshoe called Mynydd Mawr ( I think).
    A good day’s walk.


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