Planning the Rhinogs Hike

Steve and Jeff checking a map of the Rhinogs area Hike
Steve and Jeff during the planning of the Rhinogs Hike. A large map, almost no space for the beer.

The title of this post implies I took an active part in planning the big hike I’m taking part in this coming weekend. Well, I actively listened and looked over a map of the area as it was spread across two pub tables, by I’m not the hike leader for the Rhinogs area hike we’re doing.

More capable guys who have hiked up and in part, climbed or abseiled, different parts of the Welsh and Scottish mountain ranges, are in charge.
And as it turns out, they are also owners of two VW vans we’ll be using as transport. I’ve always liked VW vans. If I flake out at the end of the 22 mile or so hike across desolate terrain; which in places has no path, at least I get to get to and from it in a cool vehicle. These are the newer VW’s I think.. still cool but with added usb hubs or suchlike.

So, on Friday late afternoon we set off for north Wales, to find a remote campsite in the middle of the Rhinogs area, then on Saturday get a train from nearby Llanbedr down to Barmouth. Which is then the southern start point for the hike back north. Vans will be parked at strategic places I believe. Fish and chips will be involved, I focussed in on that bit.

I’ll post a map later, people like maps. I do know it is a remarkable area and features in a book called Big Walks of Britain. I think that’s a significant pointer to this being a challenge of a hike. I’m looking forward to it.

On a seperate note , I bought a new baselayer top. These are good to have, I’ve learnt that much from the walks I’ve been doing of late. If you are new to hiking, get a baselayer top. Then build up other layers. Don’t rely on t-shirts, they’re not good enough. Also, saying ‘baselayer’ to non-mountaineering / hiking friends sounds really good. I heard Bear Grylls say it on the radio this week. Point made.

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2 thoughts on “Planning the Rhinogs Hike”

  1. You must be going to the Cwm Bychan site, it’s fun driving up there, almost 5 miles of single-track. Take plenty of water too, it’s a very basic site. It only has portaloos, no standpipe, no nothing. Wash in the river & you’ll need to bring out any rubbish bags you accumulate too, there are no bins.
    Don’t let that put you off, it’s a delightful place and gives easy access to the best wild country Wales has to offer (maybe).
    Have fun.

    • Yes that’s the campsite, just checked my notes. It sounds great, basic is fine. Thanks for the info on it. We’re taking water in with us. I’m looking forward to the weekend, though the forecast looks a bit ropey ..


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