Kingfishers and Cows – a walk along part of the Weavers Way


I’m away for the week on the Norfolk Broads, which is really lovely but I think I’m a bit of a landlubber as I spotted a long distance footpath that joined where we were moored up one night and I planned a quick recce of it, water should be enough but I liked the idea of a walk to get a different view of the Broads.

It would only be a couple of hours but as I’m now hiking up Scafell Pike on 3rd September, I reckoned I needed to stretch my legs 🙂

The Weavers Way runs alongside the part of the River Bure that we were stopped at overnight by Acle Bridge. Acle is a really nice little village if you ever ‘do the Norfolk broads’ , well worth the short walk from the river to it.

Anyway, I spotted on a tourist sign that the Weavers Way came right alongside the boat  so I got up early (ish.. I’m on holiday) but within 2 minutes hit a fence blocking the path.

There is a whole load of dyke renovation work going on, so the path had been detoured (with brand new fenceposts and shiny wire) along a few fields. I was corralled into a 2 foot wide fenced run which I have to say felt a real shame as I was taken further and further from the river on the Acle to Thurne section. I’m used to the width / freedom of the moors I guess so this felt odd.
I understand it though, as there were quite a few jcb diggers and  a couple of bulldozers working the earth to lay huge big plastic pipes and new dykes (ditches). Enough work to do without worrying about walkers getting in the way, getting run over and inadvertently clogging up the dykes.. Health and Safety and all that.

I couldn’t see much of the river but I did get a minute to watch a Kingfisher sat on one of the pipes before launching itself off and skimming at speed across the surface of the new dyke. An electric blue and red flash of colour. Lovely.

On my return leg back to the boat one of the guys in a jcb had basically unhooked the wires to the path and scooped out a brand new channel to join the larger dyke which was at right angles to it.. as I got closer I realised he had effectively blocked my route back. And there was a herd of curious cows right up to his digger so I couldn’t detour further into the field to circumnavigate. The cows were shuffling nearer to me (to get to the water that was quickly filling the new ditch) and weren’t going to budge. Hmm.

He spotted me and lowered the shovel. So I got a jcb step to use to bridge the new channel. Cool 🙂
As I was a bit back from the river I didn’t see much but this old mill (for pumping water not grinding flour) looked interesting. If I’d had more time I would have got back to the river, I’m sure – but a nice walk nonetheless.


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