More a walk than a Hike – I wandered lonely, as no cloud computing

This was definitely a walk with a small ‘w’ not a Walk or even a Hike – This weekend was meant to include a day up Scafell Pike but that was postponed so I could attend the management meeting for Mikron Theatre Company.

So to keep my hand in (and my vague sense of healthiness up) I did an early morning two and half hours or so walk up Marsden’s Wessenden Valley then along part of the Pennine Way past Swellands and Black Moss reservoirs.

You can see some of my route here.. I played around a bit again with the Viewranger GPS app and also the socialhiking service.
screen grab from social hiking account page
But I’m getting something wrong as the beacon was set to broadcast my GPS every 10 minutes and give a full picture of my route.. it doesn’t actually show that on the map of the walk though. Hmm.  And The tweet I did with my socialhiking hashtag (one I set for the hikes) worked well via the web service but the lack of 3G cover (or basic phone signal sometimes) on the moors meant it wasn’t displayed where I actually took the photo and tweeted.

Okay, enough about tech stuff, but its funny – on the one hand I like the solitude of walking and this year’s hikes have been about my desire for head space. On the other hand, I’m a terminal geek and I tweet / check-in and photo each and every walk. Conflicted or what. As my geek and gregarious side is winning out, I’ll keep trying out the two services. Sorry 🙂

In the meantime – here’s a couple of photos of the walk with a small ‘w’.
Tree on part of Pennine Way Marsden

my dog Brodie on the Pennine Way Marsden

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2 thoughts on “More a walk than a Hike – I wandered lonely, as no cloud computing”

  1. I have the same struggle between getting away from “civilization” and using technology to support and record my hikes. To date, the geek in me has allowed the technology to accompany me on the hike. Even if I left my Android smartphone behind, I can’t imagine not having my SLR camera with me on the hikes.

    • Hi Roger, I guess the balance for me is pleasure versus distraction .. the pleasure of recording what I see and sharing that with others, versus the distraction of having my head glued to the phone and not enjoying the space around me and the solitude (well, plus dog). And utility of course, I use it for gps and the occasional tweet or check-in… But I stop short at checking emails 🙂


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