Snowdon in the Snow .. maybe

Composite photo Snowdon Llnaberis path edge in the mist
Snowdon Llnaberis path edge in the mist. (the 2011 trip we did, photo by me)

I don’t normally write ahead of a walk , if I was planning a trip up K2 I could spin it out with talk of meetings and kit planning. Actually, if I was doing a long distance trail (a true Hike with some over-nighting) then I’d share plans. But all of the hikes I do are a bit shorter than that. They’re still tough (for me anyway) but not really shout-worthy before they happen.
An imminent trip up Snowdon is one I wanted to shout about though, as I decided to do it in memory of my Father in Law, Ian, who just died recently.

This post is therefore a shameless plug for the sponsorship page I’ve set up to raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

Ian had cholesterol issues that weren’t screened until fairly late on and more awareness and earlier screening may well have helped. And the medication that’s being developed is more and more effective but needs lots of research (which the BHF do).

So I’m going to use the walk that was already planned up a possibly snowy Snowdon, on 12th Feb, as a chance to raise some money for them.

We’re taking the Llanberis path. To quote trip organiser Steve ( .. info from last year’s jaunt) : “Starting in Llanberis the route will ascend and descend the mountain using the Llanberis Path. Approximately 5 miles each way with a height gain of about 2800 feet the route should take about 5 hours. ”

It really could be a tricky one – there is less risk of hard snow each year thanks (?) to global warming but the ice and wind will be there and may well be very difficult.

So, you know, sponsor me please 🙂  – Thanks

Ian Pickard photo
Ian in his garden

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