On top of 3 counties.. a schlep up Black Hill

I’ve tried to walk from my house to Black Hill a couple of times but weather has stopped play on both occasions. There isn’t anywhere grimmer (or potentially dodgy) than the moors when the snow is falling or the land is wrapped in fog and heavy rain. And I’ve been a sensible (lone) hiker on those occasions.

But today I slam dunked it. Four and half hour round trip hike. Woot.
Okay, it was a slog but I’m chuffed I persevered through the gale force winds.
I’m going up snowdon soon so needed to get myself a bit more in the zone.

When it wasn’t raining or when I was facing away from the battering wind, the views were great. Most of the time though it was head down, trying to avoid slipping when the dog was pulling down a steep incline, or just about avoiding a fall into the engorged river I had to cross etc. Choose the wrong rock just under the water and those with algae give no grip.. splash.


I don’t know much about Black Hill other than it isn’t that black anymore. Lots of moorland grasses have been seeded so there is less exposed (and eroding) peat.

What I do know was gleaned here:

The highest point in 3 counties eh? .. kind of .. it felt like it to be honest. Not too tricky but a slog for sure. I’m sure it’s another world on a calm summers day.

Up on the trig point I met a mountain rescue guy out for a ramble. Ramble? I suppose it was to him. I was getting all Bear Grylls and he was taking the elemental battering as a ramble. Couldn’t he have said it was extreme weather training?


Anyway, a great walk. Bit wild but really exhilarating. And the dog really enjoyed it, maybe the rabbits in the peak district smell different to thier cousins a mile or two away in the Wessenden valley. She was pretty giddy most of the walk.

But she’s now crashed out next to me as a type this 🙂

5 thoughts on “On top of 3 counties.. a schlep up Black Hill”

  1. Well I know the area well, but I never knew about the 3 counties thing. And I certainly had no idea that Cheshire used to extend all the way over there. The things you learn on other peoples’ blogs!
    How old is Brodie? My Dixie is 10 and fit as she is she’s just starting to slow down a little. Not while she’s out, but the next day she sleeps a lot. I think she might be starting to turn into a ‘long-walk-every-other-day’ dog, instead of every day!

    • She’s about 9 I think Chrissie, she was a rescue dog (had her about 8 years) so not quite sure. But she definitely gets a bit pooped out after a long walk now .. old age, annoying thing

    • The Cheshire thing is interesting isn’t it? Whole villages in greater Manchester which were Yorkshire of course. When you’re up high it all seems quite arbitrary but people get pretty worked up about boundaries.
      I just like the fact I did a 3 counties walk 😉


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