Training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge – a short film wot I made

This is a very short, quite badly edited film-wot-I-made : but the sentiment is sincere..

I’m hoping to raise money for a great charity ( that works with rough sleepers, to affect positive change for them.
That requires a lot of time and patience and I’m full of admiration both for the support workers and the service users they engage with. It also requires money and like all charities they rely on fundraising.. hence my efforts on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

Anyway.. here’s my ‘sponsorship drive’ film.. (disclaimer : not exactly high production values!)

actually, I made another (same idea) here:

if one or other moves you to sponsoring me, that’s great. And thanks.

And I’ll be writing up the 3 peaks challenge in due course , of course 🙂

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