Heading up the Yorkshire 3 Peaks – I may be sometime..

I’ll be on the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge when this post is published (Saturday 8th September) and then straight off the next day to help Mikron Theatre company break a narrowboat record (40 hours boating non-stop on a specific section of the waterways, blimey.)
So no post-challenge write-up for a while but hopefully I’ll be back in one piece soon 🙂

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos I took to drum up some sponsorship (http://justgiving.com/MarkKelly-Y3P ) on a couple of different social media channels.. trying to think of creative ways of standing out.

Have a good weekend.

Brodie Dog and Walking Boots
My trusty walking boots .. and model
Map and Compass
Map and Compass .. map of the start of Y3P route. With added lanyard heart to get attention on Instagram / Facebook 🙂

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