Coming off Whernside - Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Fog, Bog and Slog – The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Hike

Well, the Yorkshire 3 peaks was a game of 2 halves for  sure. The morning, starting at Horton in Ribblesdale at 6.30 a.m (actually, starting at 3.30 a.m at home) was shrouded in misty fog (one above mist but just below thick fog if you know what I mean) and drizzle.

Which continued up and over Pen-Y-Ghent and up to the top of Whernside or so. With the bog section from last year being really, really boggy this year. I think everyone we walked with or saw on the trail plunged at least one boot into the bog at some point.

And then the sun burned away the low cloud and the final 5 hours or so were hot and sunny and with fantastic views in the valley across to Ingleborough and then up on the top of it.

My walking compadres were Adrian, Andy and son Joe. None of them had met each other before but there was surprisingly a lot in common between the actor, the professor specialising in Alzheimer’s research and the recent geology graduate.

A love of the hills for one thing. But also an enjoyment of swapping science facts along the route. I joined in when I wasn’t trying to breathe, hauling myself up Whernside and Ingleborough 🙂

There were surprisingly a lot of folk out, for what was the end of summer and a lot were raising money for their chosen charities – so hats off to them all.

I raised just over £300 for Simon On The Streets, who do great work with rough sleepers, so I’m personally chuffed. And also chuffed to have completed the challenge itself again. A

nd also also chuffed to have spotted a purse right at the top of Ingleborough , to one side of the path towards the trig point and to have got it back to its owner at the end of the day, thanks to her business card being in there.

And a big THANK YOU to those who sponsored me (you can see who these kind folk were on this site).. much appreciated!

Here’s some photos – once again taken on my cameraphone, so not great depth of field or detail – but hopefully they give you a sense of the challenge. It’s a lovely part of the world and I’d recommend it if you haven’t visited before.

The fog descends
Yorkshire 3 Peaks
fog sodden cobwebs..

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10 thoughts on “Fog, Bog and Slog – The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Hike”

    • Thanks Lauren.. Y3P is a great challenge. I’ve decided to do it again with Outdoor Bloggers sp hopefully see you there 🙂

  1. It’s a great hike – I’ve done it once before in the sunshine but I think I prefer the weather in your pics! (it was too dehydrating in the middle of summer). I could potentially end up doing it 3 times next year, including the outdoor bloggers event so see you there!


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