Kit Review – Berghaus Teton WINDSTOPPER Softshell Jacket – #hike tested

Berghaus Teton WINDSTOPPER® Softshell Jacket
image via Berghaus website..

Scores: 5 out of 5 for comfort (including great arm venting)
5 out of 5 for weight
5 out of 5 for wind protection (and rain up to heavy showers – it may be as good in wetter conditions but I didn’t experience anything more than that weather-wise)

Some of the kit reviews on my blog are spontaneous as in I’ve been out and bought a product and want to share my review.. others are via an invitation to review something.
In this case it was the latter : the guys on the Berghaus store website contacted me and asked if I’d like to test then review the Berghaus Teton WINDSTOPPER® Softshell Jacket.
The disclaimer part comes in that I got to keep the jacket.

So .. I’ve had the jacket 2 weeks now and whilst I haven’t encountered true winter conditions as such, we have had some pretty awful weather recently. Enough to put any jacket to the test: I’ve been up on the moors twice now in gale / heavy shower conditions (and Dog was not impressed on either occasion). On the first hike I wore the Teton Softshell as the outer layer and with that and a long-sleeved base layer it was all I needed. My rain jacket stayed stowed away in my back pack. On the other trip it was a fair bit colder and I wore my rain jacket over the top so the Berghaus was the mid layer.. and as both garments have arm vents I regulated my heat nicely. Speaking of cold : the fleece lining is a nice touch – I can see that being very welcome when the temperatures really drop.

This is a great jacket / mid layer in that it’s got enough pockets for anything I’d need and I really like the drawstring around the neck.. that’ll come in very handy when the temperature plunges and the snow starts to fall up in the hills 🙂

I only have 1 niggle – which is actually redundant – as this jacket was sent to me, remember – the colour. It’s subjective of course but I’m a black / dark greys, colour accents kind of a walker. Fire engine red isn’t my colour of choice. But I know lots of folks wear reds and bright colours in the hills / moors / mountains. That said – it won’t stop me wearing this jacket through the winter, I like it.

No photo of me wearing it as yet as it’s hard to to take a shot of myself with camera phone, so I’ll take out the big camera soon and use the timer for a self portrait with new jacket 🙂

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  1. I saw this jacket in a shop in the peak district and liked it straight off but at about £90 it was a bit pricey as an impulse buy. So thought Id search online for reviews etc so think yours is very appropriateto me as I would use this jacket in the same way as you have as a middle layer or top layer in better weather conditions, so many thanks for that.


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