The Penguin Wayfarer initiative with @journeysinbtwn – worth tagging along..

Penguin Wayfarer - A Journey on Foot
Photo comes from A Journey On Foot website/blog (taken by @journeysinbtwn I would think).

I came across the Penguin Wayfarer project through some research I was doing for a client (although not with my Hiker hat on as such) and I though both the approach to promoting an outdoors / walking book and the entries to the competition that the promotion centered on, were excellent. More of that (from an online marketing practitioner point of view) on t’other blog  here : mark kelly digital consultancy.

This is just a short post, pointing out what I think is a great walking blog (if you haven’t already seen it).

The winner of the competition was Sarah Thomas (on twitter: @journeysinbtwn) and her blog can be found ‘hosted’ within the Penguin Wayfarer website at A Journey On Foot . It makes for great reading, her descriptions of the landscape and (how its been shaped by centuries of use) and her insight into the people she meets and draws out stories from are really captivating. The walking stick maker in Ambleside is just one of really interesting folk she has met, that and other encounters are heart-warming to read as it were.

And great use of video is a reminder to me to use film more often! I’m walking part of the Ridgeway path next weekend so better get those batteries charged..

Anyway, have a read, it’s a great blog.

And have a great weekend 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Penguin Wayfarer initiative with @journeysinbtwn – worth tagging along..”

  1. The weird thing is she has a blog about her life in Iceland too which I am now missing –
    I was actually a little sad to see her walking away from the lovely life she has there, even if temporarily. I guess I’m not much of a wanderer myself.


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