Kit Review – Wrap up warm : thermals in summer

Thermals in the summer? I thought it was just my ultra-cautiousness but a conversation recently suggested otherwise..
I just spent a couple of days and three nights on the Ridgeway path and as you’ll see (if you read the write up) it was pretty muggy on both days. Actually, horribly muggy. But on two of the three nights it got really chilly. I had a good but lightweight sleeping bag and was in a tent but it was still cold in the wee small hours.  I’d actually packed some long johns and was kind of laughing at myself beforehand but I’m glad I took them. Being cold and uncomfortable makes me grumpy so it’s good to start the day cosy and approaching human.

Wild camp bivvy
Wild camping – it got chilly in the small hours despite the tree cover

When I got back from the Ridgeway (and by way of synchronicity- or is it serendipity?) I was contacted by the marketers at, who are trying to get the message out that, just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you won’t get cold if you are a hiker etc.  More so when you’re out wild camping and / or at higher altitudes.

They asked If I’d like to review the Floso brand of thermal gear that they sell in the UK To be honest, if I hadn’t just spent three nights camping I would think it would be more of a late autumn/winter review type of thing. But I do think there’s a place for some good thermals if you’re staying out in ‘the wilds’ for the night even in the summer.

I tried the Floso short-sleeved t-shirt that was sent to me (as well as a long sleeve top and also thermals leggings) on a really cool, windy day a few days ago, up on the Marsden Moors above where I live.  I had the t-shirt as a base layer and a thin overshirt over that. It worked really well, I was warm in a pretty cold wind but not uncomfortable as it wicks really well. I’ll use the long johns at some point I’ve no doubt, particularly with Autumn (meh) coming in.

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