New campsite location service – Hoplett

Hoplett screen shot for

I got an email this week from the guy behind a startup service aimed at the outdoors market, I liked his friendly approach and the premise behind the platform / service. And I put aside the fact that he’s way too entrepreneurial for a 22 year old – leaving a good job at Google to launch this service – too much energy and enthusiasm from the youth I say đŸ˜‰

Hoplett looks like a great service idea and with my other hat on (web marketing / digital content consultant etc) it has the making of a nice user experience / interface and functionality.

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Kit Review – Wrap up warm : thermals in summer

Thermals in the summer? I thought it was just my ultra-cautiousness but a conversation recently suggested otherwise..
I just spent a couple of days and three nights on the Ridgeway path and as you’ll see (if you read the write up) it was pretty muggy on both days. Actually, horribly muggy. But on two of the three nights it got really chilly. I had a good but lightweight sleeping bag and was in a tent but it was still cold in the wee small hours.

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