Brodie Dog with new Hurtta coat

Happy Hiking Holidays

I had some great walks and longer trips this year and hope to get a bit further afield next year.

Brodie is beginning to grumble a bit on longer walks but I got her a nice new Hurtta winter coat to keep her happy in our often-dreich local weather – as seen here in a couple of photos from a walk out today – and thanks to Chrissie for the recommendation.

Brodie Dog with new Hurtta coat
Brodie Dog with new Hurtta coat – up above Wessenden brook – it was in spate so we detoured at this point.
Bobus and Pule Hill Marsden
Bobus with Pule Hill in the background, Marsden

Linking to Chrissie’s blog reminds me : I’ve read some great blogs this year and best wishes to all walking and hiking blog compadres, wherever you are in the world.

In fact, walker / hiker / rambler / blogger  or not – Happy Christmas to you!

Mark Kelly Halfwayhike hike blog
Brodie with a festive adornment – nope, she wasn’t impressed and she did a great reproachful dog look until I took it off her.

Mark (and Brodie) x

6 thoughts on “Happy Hiking Holidays”

  1. I recognise that waterfall. I crossed the stream during a walk along there with Tom Lonsdale (another Marsden local). He skipped across it with a bit more grace than I did. Brodie looks quite the dog in that jacket.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Ah,I know Tom really well as it happens, was out with him on Friday : )
      I’ve got previous with water in spate and slippy stones, so detour was in order today!

      Cheers Chris and Merry Christmas to you.


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